To dare, to innovate, to play the explorers in the field of the textile of furnishing, rather traditional until then, this has been our philosophy for 45 years.

Synonymous with elegance and good taste, MAGETEX is a brand carrying Moroccan culture, while being constantly open to the world. Our fabrics come in two kinds of materials: Italian Velvet and Jacquard Fabrics for upholstery.

Today and more tomorrow, MAGETEX has the will to offer its customers, small and large, a rare choice of fabrics and colorations in a concern for permanent quality. Characterized by a dynamism and an extraordinary creativity, MAGETEX allows itself to innovate and to perfect itself with artisans who master the techniques of production of high-end fabrics, using tools at the forefront of technology.

Always anxious to create a world of exception, the MAGETEX collections are characterized by the richness of their material, their often Moroccan motifs, their colors and also by their technical innovation. Freedom of inspiration, elegance, strength of expression, taste for experimentation, love of beautiful things and a great palette of colors are MAGETEX's key words.


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Abdelilah BERRADA
General manager

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